Business Schools of the Future

In a recent article published by the Chartered Association of Business Schools, Prof Palie Smart, Head of the School of Management at the University of Bristol calls for business schools to consider the part they play in creating a better world, and how business schools can become ambassadors for change.

Looking at the University of Bristol’s position; Palie writes, “As the last institution in the Russell Group to launch its school, the University of Bristol is exploring how it can harness its heritage and geography to plough an evolutionary advantage and avert the risk of walking backwards into the future. The history of business and management at Bristol lies in a long and strong economics tradition, led by famous British Economists Sir Alfred Marshall and Mary Paley.” Bristol’s commitment to tackling global issues is at its forefront, along with our challenge-led management research, contributing towards three large ambitions:

  • Mission Economy 

“Business schools will need to facilitate a rethinking of 21st Century capitalism […] in an era of digitalisation and surveillance.”

  • Climate Change

“The challenges of environmental sustainability demand business schools consider how society transitions to sustainable forms of production and consumption.”

  • Global Justice 

“Business schools have a role in ensuring understanding what we owe one another as global citizens; […] the role of democracy, human rights, civility and nationalism are central to managing all kinds of organisations.”

As Palie states, this is a narrative of our values and what we care about in the School of Management at the University of Bristol and as we continue to move forward into the future we will do so with a renewed sense of ambition and determination.

You can read the full article The Business School of the Future on the Chartered Association of Business Schools’ website.