International Women’s Day 2021

Celebrating women’s achievements in a challenging world

International Women's Day 2021International Women’s Day is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of women, designed to raise awareness against gender bias and help create a gender equal world.

Here in the School of Management at the University of Bristol our vision is to empower the next generation of global citizens and leaders to address the grand societal challenges of our time. Gender equality is vital to building a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous world and we’ve committed to promoting gender equality objectives throughout our teaching and student and staff experience.

A number of our academics are researching various issues around gender equality and many of our students have chosen to explore these issues more closely for their final year dissertation projects.

Our students explore societal issues

The School of Management aims to incorporate equality and inclusion into all aspects of our vision. It is a key area that many of our final year undergraduate students look at during their dissertation projects. Two of our students, Freya and Izzy from the BSc International Business Management course have done just that.

For Freya’s dissertation she researched the motivations of female University of Bristol students whose aim is to enter banking and financial services as their desired career paths. Izzy’s dissertation topic delved into the Glass Cliff phenomenon, a process by which women are preferentially selected for leadership positions in times of crisis.

Another of our students, Emily, from our BSc Management with Study Abroad degree is researching for her dissertation the influence of women in leadership positions on company’s gender pay gaps. Emily hopes to change the world by challenging the link between representation and influence in helping companies become motivated to close their gender pay gaps.

Choosing to carry out research around making the world a better place and challenging existing views is actively encouraged here at Bristol. Take a look at our undergraduate courses in Management.

Our academics research gender and equal opportunity  

We are committed to promoting gender equality objectives throughout our activities, including our teaching and research. A number of our female academics have been researching major issues around equality in the workplace.

These include Dr Vanessa Beck’s research on women’s experiences of menopause in the workplace. The research states that challenges remain in normalising menopause in organisations, specifically around gendered ageism and performance management.

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Dr Rutvica Andrijasevic has conducted research on what it means to be a ‘foreign’ worker and how this is influenced by and connected to sexuality, gender, politics, and ethics. The research explored the idea that class, race, and gender serve to shape a sense of foreignness that is central to the meaning and experience of work.

Discover more on Foreign workers: On the other side of gendered, racial, political and ethical borders 

Our Head of School, Professor Palie Smart spoke to BBC Radio Somerset about the School of Management’s dedication to diversifying our workplace.

Our University is committed to gender equality  

The School of Management is dedicated to providing a positive working environment for all staff and students.

Here’s just some of the ways we’ve committed to this:

  • Out of 60 members of academic staff (permanent or on contracts longer than one year), 30 are female.
  • Since the beginning of 2018 to the end of 2020, over half of our new staff recruited were female (15 female:12 male).
  • We’ve increased the number of female staff on interview panels and aim for at least 50% every time.

As Professor Judith Squires, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, and Provost at the University remarks; “A commitment to gender equality is fundamental to our University’s core values, ensuring our success as a high-performing global civic institution with a positive and supportive culture, where all staff and students feel empowered and respected. We are committed […] to eliminating the professorial gender pay gap, and to mainstreaming gender equality into all our practices.”

You can find out more about equality, diversity, and inclusion at the University of Bristol.

If you’re interested in being a part of our vision to make a positive change for the better, learn more about our courses and programmes or discover our challenge-led interdisciplinary research.