Leading in Crisis | Discovery Series

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‘A crisis is an event which has low predictability and high uncertainty. It is a poorly defined problem and has a lack of clarity about impact and options. Therefore as leaders it is only natural when faced with this situation that we fall back onto the domain we are most competent at- be that in strategy, operations, or interpersonal skills.’


Digital Marketing Trends 2022

digital marketing trends 2022Whilst the world battled with the pandemic in 2021, the marketing and business sector had to continue to come up with creative solutions to retain and engage consumers. These solutions frequently encompassed digital technologies, also because many offline channels were often unavailable. Alongside, consumers have been relying on digital and smart technologies progressively more and in unexpected ways.  (more…)

A School of Amazing Stories

School of Management Highlights 2021School of Management Highlights of 2021

It’s time to reflect on the past year, and though it may not have been what we were expecting, there’s still some incredible achievements we are proud of in the School of Management.

For starters we’ve gained some excellent rankings, in the Complete University Guide (2022) we’re 10th for Marketing and 16th for Business and Management (up from 18th in 2021).

Here’s what else we’ve been up to this year…


Community and economic development: building back strong Bristol co-operatives

Community and economic development: building back strong Bristol co-operatives.Dr Anita Mangan and Co-operative Assistance Network Limited (CAN) have recently published a report on co-operatives and community benefit societies in the West of England area. The Building back strong Bristol co-operatives project, which was funded by the University of Bristol’s Temple Quarter Engagement Fund, compiled up-to-date data on the size and health of the local co-operative sector, as well as investigating what ‘build back better’ means to local co-operatives.