How smart a user are you of smart devices?

Smart home technology The NHS COVID-19 app has brought issues of security and privacy in technology adoption to the fore. In this blog, Dr Emma Williams and Dr Emma Slade discuss their current research project exploring consumer adoption of smart home technology and ask… How smart a user are you of smart devices?


Finding the value in lockdown

Lockdown during COVID-19Finding the value in lockdown | Dr Fiona Spotswood, Senior Lecturer in Management

The nation is being asked to comply with fundamental changes to our everyday lives, and yet there will be no changes to the profile of COVID-19 infections and deaths for weeks or months. Nothing but more loss. (more…)

Professor Palie Smart wins award for research on sustainability

Prof Palie SmartA paper co-authored by Management’s Head of School, Professor Palie Smart, has won an award from the Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM). 

News of natural disastersthe activism of Greta Thunberg and the UK government’s commitment to reduce carbon to net zero by 2020 have brought sustainability to the forefront of public attention, but how can businesses play their part?  (more…)