IDM Dissertation Award Winner!

IDM dissertation awardFor my dissertation, I researched how young women perceive gender and the female body within the marketing of sanitary products. My passion for studying this topic predominantly stemmed from personal frustrations with constant patriarchal standards women are forced to meet within marketing standards.

However, it also grew from previous feminist studies covered in the courses, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, and Organisation Theory.

The most interesting and difficult part of my research was trying to grasp the sheer prominence of patriarchal marketing ideologies towards menstruation and the female body. When collecting data, it became clear exactly how influential marketing is in regards to developing unconscious acceptances to expectations presented within marketing standards. Left both disconcert and in awe at the power of marketing, I hope that my research will encourage more accurate representations of menstruation and the female body within future advertising campaigns. Furthermore, I hope it highlights the importance of normalising menstruation discussions, and creating more inclusive and identifiable adverts away from predominant Western beauty ideologies.

I was elated upon finding out that my dissertation had been awarded the Institute for Data and Marketing award. It was a fantastic note to end my studies on, making my hard work and dedication all the more worthwhile.

I am looking forward to starting my career with PwC this September, on the Business Consulting Graduate scheme. Beyond this, I still wish to focus on education, aiming to improve my Chinese skills to a business level – a hobby that began as a second year elective at the University of Bristol.

The Management degree programme at the University of Bristol has provided me with foundations for a strong career and friendships for life. I hope to come back in the near future to further my studies on a masters programme, and continue learning and enjoying everything the university and city of Bristol have to offer.

Jodie Bolland, BSc Management, IDM Dissertation Award Winner 2020.